Breast Care

One of the good things about taking a proactive approach to your health is how focused you become on positive pursuits. Typically, people become interested in their health after they lose it. Illness is a powerful motivator. But improving our health by going through illness is a much harder and significantly more expensive approach to take.

Our current health care system could be more accurately called an illness management system given the focus on curing disease. But you can decide to take a different strategy.

Your lifestyle can be modified by you this instant. When it comes to enhancing your breast health, there are several lifestyle changes that you can make that will have a positive impact right now. Start by becoming more physically active. Improve the quality of your diet by increasing your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to quit smoking.

Not only will you be reducing your chances of breast cancer, your quality of health will improve across the board. Lifestyle choices are your choices to make. Once you take an interest in maintaining and improving your health, you will be rewarded.

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Breast Health and Environment

Over 80% of all cancers have environmental origins. The basic way of determining if a factor is environmental is to establish if it can be modified, and therefore prevented. Your personal lifestyle choices fit under the category of environmental but they alone do not make up the entire picture.

Pollutants in our air, toxic chemicals in our food and water, cosmetic pesticides, radiation and electromagnetic field exposure in our homes and workplaces and other synthetic substances that are foreign to nature should be a concern to everyone. As a society, we need to understand that we share one world.

In 1962, biologist Rachel Carson warned of a coming cancer epidemic in her book Silent Spring. Yesterday, I spent the day with a young woman who lost her right breast to cancer when she was 28.

Consider educating yourself on an environmental issue in your community that needs attention. Your involvement in your community will improve conditions for you and your family's health. Don't wait until someone you love loses a breast to cancer.

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