Grounds For Health

July 20, 2005 - Grounds for Health (GFH) is an organization formed in 1996 which focuses on providing health care services for women living in coffee producing regions around the world. Through the support of many coffee companies, members of the community and local health care professionals, GFH has the ability to significantly improve cancer awareness and prevention in these areas. The goal of Grounds for Health is to provide trained professionals with the equipment and medical supplies needed to successfully perform cancer screening tests, follow-ups and treatments for women in the project areas. GFH hopes that the above initiatives will result in lower cancer mortality rates for women living in these areas.

Twice a year, GFH will send a team of certified doctors and nurses to a specific area (high coffee producing area) to perform pap smears, mammograms, breast exams and other cancer screening tests to women who would otherwise not have the chance for these services. Breast biopsies are performed on women who have been diagnosed with abnormalities and further treatment is provided. There are not many opportunities for these types of tests in these areas and very little cancer prevention action takes place in normal circumstances. This organization makes it possible for women to get the treatments they need if they are diagnosed with abnormalities.

Recently, Grounds for Health received a grant from the Alliance for Cervical Cancer Prevention which will allow for the implementation of many new developments and programs. There are a number of positive aspects to the community health education program including raising cancer awareness to individuals in these areas. This program will allow for the recruitment and training of a number of males and females who will promote and increase cancer awareness and offer support to patients who need it. This will also provide the funding necessary to implement computer databases in the hospitals and provide training for hospital staff. This will ensure the screenings are successful, follow-ups are conducted and proper treatments can be executed on a regular basis.

This organization would not exist without the support from many world renowned coffee companies coffee companies such as Coffee Enterprises, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and Ben & Jerrys Homemade. These companies have shown interest in raising cervical cancer awareness and have contributed to the success of this organization.

Grounds for Health provides the opportunity for a number of companies to give back to the community and help women receive the services and treatments needed to reduce the risk of cervical cancer in coffee growing areas around the world.

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