$32 Million Awarded to Support Key Areas of Breast Cancer Research

June 2004, Dallas The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, the nation's largest private source of funding for breast cancer research and community outreach programs, announced the awarding of 174 grants totaling $32,270,647 through its Award and Research Grant Program. Last year, the Foundation awarded 131 grants for a total of $21.4 million.

"We are pleased that this year we are able to support the work of a greater number of qualified researchers than ever before," said Rebecca Garcia, Ph.D., vice president of health sciences for the Komen Foundation.

The Komen Foundation awards grants in the United States and abroad supporting initiatives that investigate how breast cancer and normal cells function (cell biology), the causes of breast cancer (etiology), prevention measures, early detection strategies, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship, scientific model systems and cancer control.

Dr. Garcia added, "Our grants portfolio also reflects the value the Foundation places on nurturing the careers of talented young researchers with post-doctoral training grants, as well as our support of research devoted to the breast health needs of specific population groups, such as ethnic minorities and the medically underserved."

The Komen Foundation Award and Research Grant Program is funded by 25 percent of all funds raised by Komen Affiliates and Komen Race for the Cure® events across the country, as well as by private and corporate donations. In awarding grants, the Komen Foundation adheres to a blind, peer- review process that is recognized by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Susan Braun, president and CEO of the Komen Foundation said, "Our robust research grant portfolio is a tribute to the hard work of our Affiliates across the country. The quality of each grant awarded reflects the care taken by our scientific review team to guide us in allocating money to research with the greatest potential to impact the fight against breast cancer."

The Komen Foundation awards up to $250,000 over two years for basic, clinical and translational research grants. Post-doctoral training grants are awarded up to $45,000 for three years, and grants in support of dissertations are awarded between $20,000 and $30,000 for two years.

"We maintain diversity in our research portfolio in keeping with our comprehensive approach to the fight against breast cancer," Braun said. "Breast cancer is a highly complex disease, with far-reaching personal and social implications. Komen researchers remain on the vanguard of key advancements needed in the fight against breast cancer and in adding to the body of psychosocial knowledge necessary to cope with and survive the disease."

Source: Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

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