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Breast Cancer Survival on the Rise
October 14, 2005 - Breast cancer research, compiled over the last 30-years, now expects that two thirds of women diagnosed with breast cancer will survive up to 20-years.

Basketball Pro Leads Fight to Increase Awareness of Chemotherapy-Related Anemia
July, 2004, Detroit --
When basketball star Edna Campbell was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly three years ago, she knew that she would need to re-direct her energy from professional basketball to fight her deadly disease. But breast cancer was not Edna's only challenge. She also had to battle anemia a debilitating side effect of chemotherapy treatment that affects 71 percent of chemotherapy patients.

New Drug Slows Tumor Growth
June, 2004, Durham, N.C. -- A new and experimental breast cancer drug called lapatinib inhibited tumor growth in nearly half of women who took it for eight weeks in a national Phase I clinical trial, according to results of a study being presented at the annual American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting in New Orleans.

Are Chemicals Hiding in Your Makeup?
June, 2004, Los Angeles --
Most cosmetics and other personal care products sold in the U.S. contain chemicals that have never been assessed for safety, according to a computer-assisted investigation by the Environmental Working Group.

Watchdog Group Petitions FDA for Warning Labels on 356 Personal Care Products
June, 2004, Washington --
Environmental Working Group petitioned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to recall or issue warning labels on a wide array of personal care products whose ingredients have not been adequately assessed for safety or may harm health.

$32 Million Awarded to Support Key Areas of Breast Cancer Research
June, 2004, Dallas --
The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, the nation's largest private source of funding for breast cancer research and community outreach programs, announced the awarding of 174 grants totaling $32,270,647 through its Award and Research Grant Program. Last year, the Foundation awarded 131 grants for a total of $21.4 million.

Older Women Denied Lifesaving Breast Cancer Treatment
September 8, 2003 -- According to Reuters Health, older women with breast are being denied lifesaving treatment for breast cancer solely because of their age, results of a study of some 480 women by researchers from Ohio State University. This study is reported in the journal Cancer.

Unique Conference for Cancer Survivors will Focus on 'Holistic Healing Through Self Care
August 22, 2003 -- The third annual Many Faces of Hope Cancer Survivorship Conference, sponsored by HealthEast Cancer Care, will offer a day of education and inspiration for cancer survivors and their loved ones. The conference will be held on Saturday, September at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel in Minneapolis.

Review Shows No Link Between Antihistamines and Breast Cancer
August 28, 2003 -- A new study has reassuring news for women who use antihistamines; women who use the medications are no more likely than those who don't to develop breast cancer according to investigations by Cancer Care Ontario, Canada.

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and National Philanthropic Trust Take Breast Cancer Three-Day Walks National in 2004
August. 5, 2003 -- The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the National Philanthropic Trust (NPT announced their plan for expanding the Breast Cancer 3-Day, a series of three-day walks that will raise millions of dollars for the fight against breast cancer.

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention Foundation Awards Grants for Mobile Mammography Screening Programs with Funding from the Avon Foundation
May 8, 2003 - The CDC Foundation announced that eight community organizations have been awarded grants to implement mobile mammography screening programs to reach underserved women, such as the uninsured or those living in geographically remote areas.

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