Hot Pink Bras Used in New Zealand Government Protest

September 11, 2003, New Zealand - According to the New Zealand Herald, stunning hot pink bras held up Parliament, as blouses were whipped off in a colourful and rowdy protest against genetic engineering (GE).

Protesters who shocked MPs by baring but not burning their bras and been banned from Parliament for two years thanks to the colourful stunt.

According to speaker Jonathan Hunt the nine women, from Mothers Against Genetic Engineering (Madge), were being treated fairly and equal to anyone else who disrupts Parliament.

The New Zealand Herald reported that the women, led by Madge founder and former pop singer Alannah Currie, had co-ordinated child care for the day so they could slip past security guards and through metal detection units with signs which had been attached by velcro to their pink and black bras. They stripped their shirts off and stood in Parliament's public gallery chanting against GM.

According to Ms Currie, Madge had decided to protest in Parliament because the women felt MPs were not listening to those who wanted the moratorium on the release of GM organisms extended.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures. We want them to listen, we've done every single thing possible. We had to get in their face and show our knickers."

Source: The New Zealand Herald
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