Bra Project Lends its Support to Breast Cancer Awareness

October 17, 2005 - In order to enhance breast cancer awareness and prevention, the Boise State University Womens Center sponsored an event that pays tribute to a certain piece of clothing that enhances womens breasts. The second annual Bra Project drew local artists, students, staff and community members to Jordan Ballroom this past month for an evening filled with live auctions, art appreciation and music to raise money for breast cancer as well as to showcase some truly unique bras.

Highlights of the evening included:

Eleven-year-old Kinsey Simmons, the youngest designer of the night, dedicated her bra to the brave, strong and beautiful Native American women.

BSU alumnae Melody Sky Eisler designed a bra entitled Armed with Pink: A Feminist Breast Plate. In the artists description Sky Eisler said she choose to redefine the color pink as a powerful color used to protect women.

Repeat participant, Savitri Guard, presented a traditional Islamic headscarf bra entitled Hijab in her hopes to bring some awareness to womens rights in the Middle East.

The second annual Bra Project successfully rose over $1,000 to benefit Breast Cancer Action (BCA), a national foundation that supports breast cancer survivors and provides the public with knowledge and understanding about the facts and causes of breast cancer.


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