Teenagers and Breast Implants

I'm a 16-year-old who wants to have breast implants. I know your probably thinking that's an early age to decide what I want for my body and it's not fully developed. Even though I'm young I am going to wait till I am at least 19 years old, but the reason I want breast implants is not for the guys or anything like that. I have one breast bigger than the other and it can be easily seen. I've tried to use padded bras and stuffing one bra but it doesn't work.

Also, during the summer time I like to wear shirts that don't involve bras and I can't wear them because it's embarrassing and I also put my arms so that they cover my breast up when I wear a bikini. Here's some questions I have for you. Will getting breast implants affect me if I want to breastfeed? How easy is it for them to bust? Is there anything I can do to make my breasts bigger other than surgery?


Breast implant surgery is often not a one-time procedure. On average, women report at least one additional breast implant-related surgery. And some report up to three additional corrective surgeries. In many cases, the complications are enough to convince women that they no longer want breast implants and to have them permanently removed. My breast shape and size changed significantly between the ages of 14 and 25. Also, breastfeeding is unlikely following breast implant surgery.

TBS Note: We received the following reply from the author:

Thanks for the information. It did help. I decided to not get breast implants until I am officially sure that's what I want. Who knows, I may grow another cup size by the time I'm 25 and they will have changed and both will be just about the same size. Once again, thanks

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