Breast Reduction Satisfaction

I had a breast reduction last August. Before the surgery, I was a 38H. They were very large and pendulous, and it was obvious that I was a good candidate for a reduction. Now, a year later, I am a 36D. Although I am not disappointed in the actual size of my breasts, there are a couple of things that I am unhappy about. The first being that either my left nipple is off-center, or my entire left breast is. My doctor tells me that there is nothing that can be done to fix this. I will agree that it is not off by much, maybe a 1/4 inch toward the outside, but it is enough for my husband to notice, and it bothers us both very much.

I also am not happy with the lack of fullness of my breasts. I would like to know if there are some possible options for me. Although neither my husband nor I like the idea of having breast augmentation, we would consider it if it would help with either/both of the problems. We do not want the hardness associated with many augmentations, and would like to know if maybe a very small implant might give us what we are looking for. I would love to talk with someone that may have had some of the same problems.


If you are considering more breast surgery, be sure to get all your questions answered in advance and specifically ask about worst case scenarios. We are planning on have a discussion forum on The Breast Site sometime in the near future. Bookmark the site and come back in a month. Perhaps you will be able to communicate with someone who has had a similar experience.

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