Breastfeeding Clothes

The best clothes for breastfeeding

Breastfeeding clothes facilitate the act of breastfeeding by allowing access to the nipple without requiring the shirt or bra to be removed at the same time. This is especially important because there remains a stigma in many societies today regarding breastfeeding in public. Breastfeeding clothing allows mothers to breastfeed in as discreet a manner as possible.

Nursing Clothes

With a new baby at home, a mother has many demands on her time. She has to tend to the needs of the newest member of the family while looking after her own recovery and may or may not have the luxury of withdrawing from the management of the household. Having the right supply of clothes for breastfeeding can help in many ways. Breastfeeding tops offer drop-cups so that the baby can access the breast and latch quickly. Having a variety of breastfeeding outfits also reduces the amount of laundry required for a nursing mother.

Discount Breastfeeding Clothes

Having an assortment of nursing bras, vests and tops is the ideal situation, but not everyone can purchase an entire breastfeeding wardrobe. There are some ways to help stretch your dollar when you have a new mouth to feed.

  • Used clothing. Consider visiting maternity or consignment shops that offer used clothing. You may also find bargains at yard sales if you keep your eyes open. You'll need to start looking at least a month before your baby arrives to ensure you have the right sized clothing ready when you need it.
  • A baby sling. While technically not just for breastfeeding, a sling can make breastfeeding more convenient at home or in public. With a sling it's possible to breastfeed without anyone even realizing it while your hands are free to do other things. Lastly, babies often fall asleep in the sling, allowing you that much needed extra bit of quiet time.

Lastly, you can also save money by buying a couple of breastfeeding bras and wearing them with a regular button-up blouse and vest. Breastfeeding clothing has come a long way lately, so if you have to buy brand-new clothing, you may find something fashionable enough to wear even when you're finished nursing. You'll get more use out of your purchase that way.

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