Breastfeeding Accessories

Besides purchasing the beat breast pump for you needs or having a good supply of nursing bras on hand, there are several other accessories that have been designed to support the breastfeeding mother.

  1. Nipple Shields - Nipple shields are worn to hold your bra away from your skin. This provides space for increased air circulation around the nipple, helping to heal cracking nipples and soreness.
  2. Nursing Lanolin - Nursing lanolin is used on cracked and sore nipples. Purchase pure medical-grade lanolin that doesn't need to be washed off before feedings.
  1. Breast Pads - Breastfeeding mother's breasts leak. Disposable breast pads are convenient, especially while you're out and about, but reusable, machine-washable cotton and wool ones are more absorbent and more economical. And they are better for the environment.
  2. Nursing Stools - A nursing stool is used to prop up your feet and helps to prevent mid- and lower-back pain during the breastfeeding. Look around you house to see if you have something suitable before buying.
  3. Pillows - There are many special pillows designed specifically to prop a newborn up to just the right height.
  4. Shawls - A shawl serves double duty: it gives privacy to mom and tunes out the world for baby, providing a little cozy, quiet spot for breastfeeding. A baby blanket can serve the same purpose.
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Breastfeeding Accessories