Guide to mastectomy supplies

A mastectomy is a surgical procedure where a portion of the breast or the entire breast is removed to halt an aggressive form of cancer. A double mastectomy or bilateral mastectomy occurs when both breasts are removed. One alternative to full breast cancer mastectomy surgery includes lumpectomy, where a relatively smaller portion of the breast is removed that contains only the tumor and some of the healthy surrounding tissue. Immunotherapy, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy are non-local therapies that may be used in conjunction with mastectomy surgery or as an alternative means of treatment.

Dealing with breast cancer is difficult enough without the thought of losing one or both breasts as well. Combined with the prospect of losing their hair and the threat of sterility due to radiation treatments, many women may feel as if their very femininity is under attack by this disease. Mastectomy supplies can help, not only with the healing process but to allow female cancer patients to regain their previous figure.

Mastectomy Supplies and Accessories

Mastectomy bras come with hidden pouches that can hold breast forms or prostheses, replacing the appearance of any lost breasts or breast tissue. This can be comforting to patients who wish to conceal any outward appearance of the surgery.

These supplies can be helpful as the patient goes through physical and psychological healing. Once ready, a woman can then decide whether she wants to explore breast reconstruction or come to accept that her body has changed, but she has survived and is healthy.

Beyond bras and prostheses, there are other mastectomy supplies that allow female patients to get back to enjoying life. Not only is there mastectomy swimwear, but also nightgowns, tank tops and camisoles so that cancer survivors can engage in activities both in the day and night, while remaining comfortable at the same time.

Having a mastectomy is a life-changing event, but with the right advice, supplies and support, it doesn't have to diminish your quality of life or your femininity.

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