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A breast surgeon is a highly specialized doctor who operates on breast tissue. Reasons for operating on the breast include biopsies, removing a malignant tumor, or to enhance or reduce breast size. They also specialize in mastectomies, bilateral mastectomies and breast reconstruction procedures.

Breast Implant Surgeon

Also known as a breast augmentation surgeon or a breast enlargement surgeon, a breast implant surgeon helps patients achieve a larger-sized bust through plastic surgery. They may require a special license or board certification depending on which state they reside in. This surgeon will conduct an interview with the patient to determine why they want to increase the size of their breasts as well as ask what amount of increase the patient would like. They will then examine the breast tissue and make recommendations on which procedure or implant will create the desired results. In some cases where the patient is considered too young or mentally and emotionally unstable, the surgeon may refuse to conduct the operation.

Other Elective Breast Operations

There other surgeries that require the skills of a trained specialist, including breast reductions or breast lifts. Each procedure has challenges of its own. In either case, an initial consultation between the patient and the surgeon will be conducted, just like in a breast augmentation consultation. A breast reduction surgeon needs to determine why the patient wants a reduction and the best way to achieve results. Chronic back pain due to overly large breasts is often the reason for having a reduction, so the surgeon needs to determine the best way to alleviate the symptoms while reducing the breasts to a size that the patient will be happy with.

A textbook breast lift procedure doesn't involve adding or taking away from the breast at all; the purpose is merely to raise the breasts to a more aesthetically pleasing position on the chest. A breast lift may be requested if a pronounced amount of sagging has occurred following months or years of breastfeeding. A breast lift may also be necessary to further correct the appearance of the chest after breast reduction surgery. In some cases, the breast lift surgeon may recommend augmenting the breasts at the same time to achieve the result the patient has in mind.

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