Breast Lifts

Three types

Of all the plastic surgery procedures had by women, breast augmentations are the most common. In fact, in 2007 there was a six percent rise in breast augmentation procedures done, up from 2006. Every year, for several years, the number of breast lift surgery procedures – including breast lift reductions and breast lift augmentations – has increased.

Three Types of Breast Lifts

There are basically three types of breast enhancement surgical procedures: breast lift surgery, breast lift reduction and breast lift augmentation.

Breast Lift Surgery

These are just regular breast lift surgeries that are performed on women who are displeased with the way that their breasts hang. Many women have problems with their breasts sagging. This occurs naturally as women age, but it can also occur as a result of weight loss or weight gain. Whatever the reason, women can get breast lifts to correct the problem.

Breast Lift Reduction

A breast reduction is performed when a woman's breasts are too large. Sometimes a woman may have breasts that are so large that they cause health issues, such as back problems or other pain. Or her breasts may be so large that they interfere with her ability to function normally – perhaps she cannot run well or manipulate a steering wheel correctly.

Often, this procedure is done as a breast lift reduction. This means that after the excess breast tissue is removed, the breasts are lifted so they don't sag. Sometimes the nipples may need to be repositioned during these types of breast lifts.

Breast Lift Augmentation

A breast augmentation is implant surgery, and it is the most commonly performed procedure of the three types of breast enhancement procedures. When women are unsatisfied with the size of their breasts, they may decide to get implants.

Some women may decide to get breast lift augmentation procedures completed. This is done when a woman wants both implants to make her breasts larger and she wants a breast lift to correct undesirable sagging. A breast lift augmentation – also called a breast lift with implant procedure – is often done using a "breast lift hammock" technique. The extra tissue that is removed when the surgeon lifts the breasts is not discarded; instead, it is used as a "hammock" to support the implant for the augmentation.

Breast lift augmentation procedures are sometimes tricky to perform – it is always more difficult for surgeons to perform two procedures at once, no matter what the procedures. However, using the "breast lift hammock" technique has proven to be quite a bit more successful than using the customary mesh-type support that was previously used for these breast lifts.

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