Breast Augmentation Questions

Suggested checklist of issues and information all women should consider before deciding on breast augmentation surgery:

  1. The experience of the surgeon in performing this operation, for example:
    •  how often the surgeon has performed this type of operation
    •  incidence of rupture
    •  incidence of capsule formation
    •  incidence of capsular contracture

  2. The types, advantages and disadvantages of implants available:
    •  the reason the surgeon is recommending a particular type
    •  Cosmetic effects of the operation
    •  placement of the implant
    •  location and appearance of scar

  1. Information on the possible immediate post-operative effects including:
    •  Bruising
    •  Pain
    •  Swelling
    •  Bleeding
    •  Infection
    •  nipple sensitivity
    •  likely recovery time 

  2. Information on longer-term, local effects including:
    •  wrinkles, folds
    •  capsule formation
    •  rupture linked to the expected lifetime of the implant, the incidence of rupture, screening for rupture, what it means if a rupture occurs, symptoms that may be noted if rupture occurs, and what actions need to be taken under these circumstances.

  3. A follow-up period of at least one year, with further follow-up at the patient's request or on development of certain symptoms. Determine how and to whom you should report complications or concerns with regard to your implants.

  4. Possible association between silicone and generalized illness such as connective tissue disease, autoimmune effects or a new connective tissue disease-like syndrome. To date, there is no evidence of a significant association over and above the normal risk.
  5. Breast cancer. There is no evidence of an association with either breast cancer or any other malignancy.

  6. Effect on breast cancer detection and screening. Patients with breast implants should continue to be screened and should always inform those performing the screening that they have implants so that screening techniques can be modified accordingly.

  7. Effect on the children of women with breast implants. There is no evidence of an increase of illness in children of women with breast implants.

  8. Effect on breastfeeding. There is no interference with the ability to breast feed, but implant(s) may cause a reduction in the milk supply.

  9. Information on cost:
    •  of the initial operation
    •  of possible removal and reimplantation

If the patient agrees, request that the implanting surgeon send a letter to the family physician giving details of the operation to provide for a better follow-up for the patient.

Source: Health Canada

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Breast Augmentation Questions