Breast Surgery

There are three types of breast surgery. All surgeries come with associated risks and should be considered very carefully before proceeding. Often the perceived benefits of cosmetic surgery do not outweigh the realities.

Breast reconstruction is exactly what the name implies. If you have lost a breast to breast cancer or some other form of disease or injury you may be a candidate for reconstruction surgery. This surgery is not foolproof. I know two women who have experienced failed attempts to have reconstruction done after a mastectomy and one woman who is content with her new set. Do check out our breast implants section as part of your research.

Breast reduction surgery involves the removal of your breast tissue with the end result being smaller breasts. Women who pursue reduction surgery are often trying to relieve a secondary health issue caused or exacerbated by the size of their breasts. Again, this surgery is not foolproof and should be carefully researched before going forward.

Breast augmentation or breast enhancement surgery involves increasing the size of your breasts by inserting implants. There is much controversy associated with this particular brand of surgery. Silicone implants used extensively in the 80's and 90's are no longer used, due to a variety of complications. Motivation for breast augmentation is rarely grounded in a healthy perspective of self and can often be associated with society's obsession with large breasts. And, as you will read under our breast implant section, horror stories abound.

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