Breast Cancer Donations

Get involved with breast cancer fundraising

Many people have been touched by breast cancer. Whether it's a friend, family member or you yourself, breast cancer affects us all and each of us shares the responsibility for defeating this cruel disease. You can help this cause by making a donation to the breast cancer charity of your choice.

Why You Should Donate

Breast cancer is a disease that takes thousands of women away from us every year, but it doesn't have to. Every day, our best scientists learn more about how to defeat breast cancer. They can't perform their research without funding, though. That's where you come in.

Money is tight for many families, but most people can afford to give at least a small donation to a good cause like breast cancer charities. Ask yourself this: is my money better spent on a fancy new pair of shoes or on helping to defeat breast cancer? Surely you can spare a few dollars.

Where Does the Money Go?

The money you donate will be spent on several different initiatives, each with the goal of eliminating breast cancer. Some may go toward the latest research in the field of breast cancer prevention and treatment. It may also be put toward educating women about breast cancer or helping other breast cancer fundraising ventures get off the ground.

If you want to make sure that the charity you're donating to will make good use of your donation, your best bet is to look up the charity's name on a website like Look for charities that allocate at least 75 percent of their budgets toward program expenses (and as little as possible toward administrative expenses). Finally, remember that charitable donations are tax-deductible in many jurisdictions. Be sure to get a receipt.

How You Can Donate

You can make a donation by searching for breast cancer charities on the Internet. Better yet, look for a breast cancer fundraising event in your local area (such as a breast cancer walk) and get involved. Remember, you can donate your time as well as your money. Charities are always looking for more volunteers.

Once you've made a donation, don't be afraid to tell people about it. If you're given a token gift like a pink breast cancer ribbon or bracelet, wear it proudly. Doing so will help raise breast cancer awareness and might inspire some of your friends to make a donation, too.

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