Strapless Bras

Breast support without compromising style

Who would want to omit a certain style of top from their wardrobe just because their bra straps might show? No one. Fortunately, there's no reason you should ever let your bra dictate your choice of clothes. As long as you have a good quality strapless bra, you're free to wear a cute halter top, a sexy open-shouldered dress or whatever outfit you want. Strapless bras give you the freedom to show a little shoulder without showing any strap.

There are many different kinds of strapless bras, such as padded strapless bras for women who are looking for a little bit of extra volume and comfort, and low-back strapless bras for women who want to show off some skin but perhaps not any cleavage. There are even backless strapless bras (that rely on adhesives) for women who need breast support but don't want to show any of their bra while wearing backless dresses or tops.

When shopping for a strapless bra, it's important to look for quality. Unlike standard bras, strapless bras do have the (small) possibility of slipping. You'll want to feel secure wearing your strapless bra, so it's a good idea to stick to the trusted name brands. Expect to spend at least $25 and perhaps as much as $100 for a good quality bra.

You'll also need to try it on. This should go without saying when you're shopping for any type of bra, but it's absolutely vital that a strapless bra fits you perfectly. Try on a few different bra sizes and brands and pick the one you like best.

Plus-Size Strapless Bras

Many full-figured women believe that they require the extra support that straps provide, so they avoid wearing any strapless garments. This is unnecessary, as there are bras made specifically for larger women and they provide more than enough support. Bra technology has advanced to the point where there's really no need to worry about your strapless bra falling down, regardless of whether you wear an A-cup or a DD.

The best full-figure strapless bras on the market today have wide bands (some have five closure points) and strong wire that is more than sufficient for supporting breasts of all sizes. Many are convertible, which means that it's possible to attach and remove straps depending on what your outfit calls for.

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