Sports Bras

Sports bras provide support, motion control and a snug fit during workouts. If you decide that you prefer to wear a bra, choosing a sports bra that fits you well, matches your activity level and offers you a soft feel with moisture-wicking performance is your goal.

Don't be afraid to allow your breasts to be bra-free during your preferred activity. This allows your breasts to experience their natural range of motion and allows for unrestricted lymphatic flow. And, as an added benefit, increased fitness and activity will reduce your risk of breast cancer.

If you decide to be a sports bra wearer, the first step is to determine your bra size. More than 68% of women do not know their proper bra size.

Second, determine your physical activity level. Generally there are three defined impacts of activity; low impact (yoga), medium impact (tennis), high impact (running). Most sports bra makers will indicate the activity level that their bras are best suited for.

Third, choose sports bra style that suits your body type. The compressed style works by strapping the breast close to the body. This style is ideal for the A and B cup woman. The natural shape style is more comfortable for a larger breasted woman.

Fabric is important to consider when buying a sports bra. Chose of fabric will depend on your physical activity level and how sensitive your breast skin is. Different fabrics provide different levels of softness, moisture management and fit. Read the label and ask your retail assistant for help in deciding.

And finally, there are an increasing number of styles to choose from in sports bras. Differences include different back styles, a range of closures, pullovers, and styles that can be worn as outerwear.

Sports bras that are used 3-4 times a week tend to wear out within 6 to 12 months. Hand-washing will help extend the life of your bra. When your sport bra starts to lose its fit, throw it out.

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