Sexy Bras

Some people would say that simply being confident with your body is the sexiest thing a woman can pursue. Wearing a bra is secondary at best.

Certainly there are as many styles of sexy bras as there are women. Often, the purchaser of a sexy bra is a woman's lover. This can sometimes prove challenging as a lover may have very different hopes and expectations for the outcome of the purchase than the woman who will eventually wear the bra. Here are a few tips for you to take into consideration when purchasing a bra for someone else.

First know the type of woman that you are buying for. This includes knowing her bra size and perhaps her favorite color.

A sexy bra is a gift for both of you, not just you. There is little sense making a purchase that will never be worn because the style is outside of her comfort zone. Consider her preferences, body shape and personality.

If this isn't obvious to you, a great place to get clues is in her bedroom. Is the room seductive or romantic? Perhaps she is into a retro look or vintage decor; maybe a vintage bra? As a person, does she like to try new things? Does she have an active imagination?

By asking these questions and doing some thinking in advance you stand a greater chance of buying the perfect sexy bra for your lover.

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