Satin Bras

Sexy satin undergarments

Satin bras were once only available for the very wealthy because the only way to make one was out of expensive silk. However, modern techniques allow for satin to be made by combining silk with polyester or nylon, producing an affordable product that retains the look with a soft finish.

Why Own a Satin Bra?

A satin bra may seem like a bit of a luxury purchase, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have one. Regardless of whether you want to wear it for yourself or for someone special, there is nothing quite like the feel of satin on your skin, so why deny yourself? Whether it's satin pajamas, sheets or even a pink satin bra - you deserve it! Few other fabrics can bring your nerve endings to life and bring out your playful side.

Some women are unsure of what color of satin bra or satin panties to get; their favorite color might be red, but it just doesn't suit them. Choosing the color that best complements your hair and skin tone is the best advice. This ensures that your satin undergarments always look great on you.

Satin is Sexy

You don't need to wear satin to feel sexy, but it certainly doesn't hurt. While wearing satin itself is a great start, there are different brassiere styles that definitely take sexy to the next level. Two of these bras include the satin shelf bra and the satin open tip bra. The shelf bra offers support to the breast without covering the front of it at all. The open tip bra covers most of the breast except for the nipple and areola; if you want to get your partner's attention and take all the guesswork out of the situation, trying wearing one of these.

Satin is also fairly easy to care for: you can wash it by hand or use the delicate cycle of your washing machine. Gently squeeze out the excess water without wringing or twisting it, since this will cause your clothing to lose its shape. Allow satin garments to air-dry away from any heat or direct sunlight. You can smooth out satin using an iron on a light or medium setting with no steam. For best results, iron the garment while inside-out, and never keep the iron in one spot for more than a few seconds.

Whether it's to spice up your love life or just to luxuriate in the comfort of a simple black satin bra, there are plenty of reasons to spoil yourself with satin.

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