Push Up Bras

How to find the best push-up bra

What was once a novelty has since become a fashion staple: push-up bras. Their origins can be traced back to the corsets of the 15th and 16th centuries that provided lift to display only the upper portion of the breasts above the bodice. The patent for the first bra was submitted in 1914 and 50 years later, the push-up bra came into existence with the unveiling of the Wonderbra. For years, push-up bras drew criticism for being uncomfortable, but today's designs have improved dramatically.

The Benefits of the Push-Up Bra

The main benefit of wearing a push-up bra is to enhance the cleavage while concealing the bra to create a more streamlined look for fashions with a plunging neckline. Padded push-up bras also allow the wearer to adjust the fullness of the breasts by adding gel or material padding; many manufacturers claim that their bra can increase the perceived size of the breasts by one cup size.

Modern fashions continue to place a high emphasis on the bust and women with a smaller cup size may not feel as confident with their appearance. The push-up bra addresses this problem in a non-permanent way that allows women to accentuate their breasts when they choose. Modern push-up bras are more comfortable and affordable than ever, and come in many configurations to suit your needs. There are strapless push-up bras, plus-size push-up bras and even push-up sports bras available today.

Not only is a push-up bra much more affordable than breast augmentation surgery, it also allows for more predictable results. If you want a more or less dramatic look, just buy a new bra. Unlike augmented breasts, you can remove your push-up bra any time you want.

The Best Push-Up Bra

Every woman has her own reasons for owning a push-up bra, whether it's for some added attention, to look better in today's breast-obsessed fashions or for a slight boost in confidence. Much like a regular bra, finding the best push-up bra comes down to being sized properly. Young women who haven't finished growing many need to be professionally sized several times, while the same holds true for women who are breastfeeding or undergoing menopause.

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