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For women who have had any type of breast surgery, one common but preventable problem is finding the right type of bra to wear after surgery. Many women don't think about this issue, or their doctor does not advise them about choosing a post-surgical bra. The result? Desperate bra shopping at the start of recovery, a time when you are least likely to want to shop for a bra. So, what type of bra should you look for?

For patients with breast surgeries, almost all doctors recommend a sports bra. A compression garment like a sports bra will help reduce swelling and speed recovery. Rebecca Fuller, author of, advises women to wear a sports bra with a zipper in front because it is difficult to move your arms after surgery. A sports bra that is easy to get on and off is a must.

Dr. Robert Frank of specifically recommends the Champion Sportshape sports bra. The Sportshape gives excellent compression and support. It's the best for all of our patients with its large range of size offerings, states Dr. Frank.

If your doctor does not provide this type of service, it is important to shop at a source that offers a wide range of sizes Most likely, your size will change during recovery and may be hard to predict just after the procedure. So, you may need two sizes on hand.

It may be tough to know what size you'll need after surgery and every sports bra style is sized differently, so you might want to get a couple of different sizes. Shop at a source that accepts returns, advises Dyna DuMore, fit expert at bra shop boasts an interactive online fitting experience, complete with choices based on factors such as vertical bounce, fabric texture, etc.

Prepare to make your surgical experience as painless as possible. Before surgery, choose the right type of sports bra for you. And unless your doctor stocks them, buy at least one sports bra before surgery.

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Post Surgery Bras