Maternity Bras

Selecting a maternity bra is slightly different from your regular bra-purchasing routine because your breasts are changing daily. You will find that your breasts become increasingly heavy, more sensitive and considerably larger as your pregnancy advances. Different stages of your pregnancy will require a larger bra.

Purchase a bra that fits you as you are right now. Avoid the trap of purchasing a larger sized bra that leaves room for future growth. This works with children's clothes. It does not work with maternity bras. Your breasts need proper support now and a good fitting bra will contribute to your sense of well being as your body goes through the many changes associated with pregnancy.

You can get some flexibility in your bra fit by purchasing a four-station back closure. And we suggest that you chose a style with wide, cushioned, non-stretch shoulder straps. This bra feature will provide the best support without digging ruts into your shoulders.

And finally, as your pregnancy advances, it is wise to move from a straight maternity bra to a nursing bra. If you are still considering whether to breastfeed, we invite you to check out the resources under our breastfeeding section.

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Maternity Bras