Mastectomy Bras

Mastectomy bras are designed with pockets in the cup area to hold a breast prosthesis. There is a wide range of styles and colors of mastectomy bras and more and more are being added to the market all the time. Design and fit improvements are constantly advancing too. If you are not satisfied with the comfort and fit of your current mastectomy bra, we recommend that you continue your search.

The silicone breast prosthesis simulates the natural breast in its shape and weight. The main advantage of prosthesis is to provide symmetry and balance to a breast cancer survivor's body. Getting the right prosthesis is fundamentally important to your eventual comfort level.

With a good fitting prosthesis, and a well-designed and fitted mastectomy bra, you will be helping to balance your posture and provide protection for your chest and breast cancer scars. As well, you will reduce your chances of back problems and shoulder and neck pain. And, your pre-surgery clothes will continue to fit you well.

Consult with your doctor about the timing for your breast prosthesis and mastectomy bra. Healing varies with each woman depending on the surgery. After Mastectomy: Healing Physically and Emotionally, written by Rosalind Benedet, N.P., and a clinical nurse specialist at the Breast Health Center of California Pacific Medical Center, is a wonderful book that we recommend. For additional breast cancer survivor support information, please visit our breast cancer section.

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Mastectomy Bras