Compression Bras

The importance of wearing compression garments after surgery

Whether you've chosen to get breast implants or need to undergo a mastectomy, wearing a compression bra is a necessary part of the recovery process. Compression garments are recommended to be worn after surgeries, including breast reconstruction, augmentation or reduction. They apply pressure to the surface of the skin, reducing the volume of the breasts and surrounding tissue, which in turn reduces swelling and bruising after surgery. Also known as post-surgery bras, compression bras facilitate healing, encouraging a favorable outcome from the surgery while allowing the patient a faster and more comfortable recovery.

Compression Bras versus Sports Bras

While compression sports bras provide a certain degree of compression, breast surgery support bras provide that and much more. They often include removable drainage tube pouches and additional support under the bust. They are latex-free and are mainly made from cotton for added comfort. During breast augmentation recovery, a compression bra helps to improve blood circulation and keep the new implants in the ideal position.

Compression vests are another option for those who would rather not wear a strapped garment while recovering from surgery. It's imperative that a compression garment be as comfortable as possible, because you may be required to wear them for weeks at a time. If you're uncomfortable, you'll be tempted to stop wearing it ahead of schedule and end up increasing your recovery time. Another drawback is that throbbing sensations can occur and new scars can actually stretch around the incision areas.

Other Compression Garments

If a compression bra isn't comfortable for you, there are some other garments that can help. These garments include bandeaus, breast wraps and breast bands. Whether you use them with the vest, bra or on their own, they can help you take a break from using other compression garments without suffering the consequences of not having any support at all.

Don't expect miracles by simply wearing a compression bra, you still need to take care of yourself and be sensible while you heal. Make sure to get lots of rest, drink plenty of water and cut down on any smoking habits. Lastly, make sure that you keep wearing some type of compression garment for the duration of the recovery process. Why take chances with potential complications when you don't need to? A compression bra will help you make the most of the surgery and get back to your regular routine much faster.

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