Bridal Bras

Today's wedding dresses come in such a wide range of styles and designs it is no wonder that a line of bridal bras have been created as the undergarment compliment. Wedding mania promotes mass consumerism. Or perhaps it's the other way around.

The wedding day seems to be a tense time for brides. Having your bra spring a strap will not add to your pleasure. Best to have a bra that requires no thought or attention on your part.

The best way to achieve this goal is to accurately take your measurements and a buy a bra that fits you, not just your dress. Only your bra's style should be dictated by your dress choice. Check out our fitting a bra link for a guide to proper measuring.

Your bridal bra style will depend on the neck, back and shoulder line of your wedding dress. Try to avoid needing safety pins and other last minute changes by trying the bra and dress on together in advance. To do this, bring your bra to your final wedding dress fitting. Be sure to check with the return policy of the bra retailer first to be sure that you can make a return should you need to.

And, unlike your wedding dress, you will want to wear your bridal bra again and again to get your money's worth.

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Bridal Bras