Bra Styles

There are dozens of styles of bras to fit your taste, size and particular occasion. Finding a bra that suits you should not be a problem. Once you have figured out your bra size and bra fitting requirements, you will want to decide what role your bra will play.

Below is a comprehensive list of bra designs for you to consider:

Sports Bras: Designed to keep your breasts under control when undertaking any physical activity.

Nursing Bras: Easy access to the food source for the breastfeeding mom.

Maternity Bras: Supports daily breast growth.

Mastectomy Bras: For your post mastectomy needs.

Full Figure Bras: If you are a large-breasted woman, you will want a full-figured bra.

Bridal Bras: Support for all that cake cutting.

Underwire Bras: Torture device disguised as underwear.

Vintage Bras: Remember the pointy, stick in your eye "bullet bras" from the 40's? Or the lung-compressing corset? Well, they're back and they are just as restrictive.

Teen Bras: Designed to talk back and be surly.

Belly Dance Bras: No matter what style of belly dance you may be studying, you will definitely want a beautiful belly dance bra. Guaranteed to improve your chest rolls.

Leather Bras: If you like leather, the leather bra is one more way to get your fix.

Sexy Bras: Depends on who you ask. Many would say NONE.

Name Brand Bras: Some people only want brand names so that they can name drop at cocktail parties. But who talks about underwear at parties?

To figure out exactly what your cup size and perfect bra measurements are, please go to our fitting a bra page. Proper fitting will ensure you look your best and are comfortable in the bra style of your choice.

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