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I'm a 7 1/2 foot size most of the time. So now, I can be a C 1/2 too?

Half Sizes in Bras Now Available

August, 2003 - Playtex has unveiled a bra innovation and it's a shoe-in. Fashion expert Melissa Rivers tells the whole story about 1/2 sizes from the birth of 1/2 sizing in shoes to the latest news ... 1/2 sizes in bras.

Playtex has adopted the shoe industry's 1/2 size innovation for its Thank Goodness It Fits line, the only bra collection featuring 1/2 sizes, says Rivers.

The collection features a patented sizing system innovation that offers half sizes ranging from Nearly A to Nearly C in addition to traditional cup sizes. It is the only bra collection that has twice as many cups sizes to choose from for a more perfect fit.

Seven out of 10 women wear bras that don't fit properly, says the marketing director for Playtex. As news of the 1/2 size innovation spreads, we're going to change that long-standing industry figure. Women will now have more options for the proper size and style that will complement their figures.

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