Belly Dance Bras

Belly dancing is sweeping the nation and you can join in the fun and splendor of it all.

Start by signing up for a class. And you will definitely want to invest in a spectacular costume.

The belly dance costume bra is one of the main features of any belly dance costume. Beaded, fringed and dangling with coins, the belly dance bra is designed to highlight your bust line in the most glamorous way.

There are several key elements to look for when purchasing a belly dance bra. First and foremost, you will want the closure to be solid and reliable. Having a second closure is a good backup. There is much breast shaking, shimmying and rolling in most belly dance routines. You don't want to be worrying about your bra flying off during an undulation.

Second, you will want strong and secure shoulder straps. Tee straps are good. Criss-crossing your straps will also reduce the chances of them slipping off your shoulders during a shoulder roll.

Be sure to check that the breast cups are hard-shelled. Beads, coins and fringe are heavy and need to be firmly secured to a base that will not tear from a lazy camel move.

Fabric choices range from luxurious velvet to shimmering lamé, rich brocade, or ooh-la-la sequins. It will be hard to decide. And you likely can't go wrong.

Also worth noting is that increased exercise is one way of reducing your chances of breast cancer. There is nothing to say that exercise can't be fun and sensual. And, belly dance is an amazing physical workout.

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