Bras have been with us for a long time.

Historical records suggest that women have used some style of garment to lift, separate and restrict their breasts since 2000 BC. Comfort and fit were rarely considered important features until the early 1900's. Not so today. Comfort and fit have become more important to consumers and bra manufactures have responded by improving design and sizing. Still, there is much room for improvement in the fitting department.

There is also room for bra-wearing education. First, bra wearing is a choice, not a law. You do not have to wear one if you don't feel the need. Many women wear bras an unhealthy 24 hours a day, never allowing their breasts to have natural freedom. And even more women wear bras that fit poorly and leave marks and indents on their skin. This is particularly bad for blood and lymphatic system flow.

If you are going to wear a bra, shopping for the right bra will take time and patience. Try not to be tempted by the style, price or brand of a bra. If it hurts to wear, don't buy it. And if you buy a poorly designed or ill-fitting bra, return it. Bra consumers can greatly influence progress in the bra manufacturing sector by requesting better designed bras and rejecting ones that hurt or simply don't function properly.

If you are going to wear a bra, comfort comes from having a good fit. The bra band must fit snugly to the chest, just below the breast, so that your breast weight will be transferred to it. When the bra band is loose, the shoulder straps take the weight. This sets off a chain reaction of bad to worse. Shoulder straps get tightened, causing the back of your bra to ride up and the straps to dig into your shoulders.

Instead, with a proper fitting bra band, the breast weight is evenly distributed, the bra cups shape and hold your breasts and your shoulder straps do not dig into your shoulders. To find out how to measure yourself for a bra, please go to our Fitting a Bra page.

There are a vast array of styles, types, and specialty bras currently on the market. Check out our great selection on our Bra Styles information page.

When your bra dies and ceases to do its job, get rid of it! February 13th has been dedicated as Dead Bra Day a day designed for you and your girlfriends to celebrate and be creative with your dead bra disposal!

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