Woman to Woman

Woman to Woman
Breast Cancer and Recons
(Video 1999)

Editorial Reviews

This video was produced to help newly diagnosed breast cancer patients understand their options. This video can alleviate some of the fear and anxiety caused by this trauma. Powerfully told by cancer survivors, aged 28 to 78, this video offers a hopeful view of life after breast cancer treatment.

Included is specific information about the choices available for reconstruction after mastectomy; specifically medical animation of breast conservation/lumpectomy, tissue expanders and both silicone and saline implants. In addition, latissimus dorsi flap and TRAM flap procedures are explained in understandable language. The medical information from experts in the fields of surgical oncology, plastic surgery and hematology are combined with the real life experiences of women on the job and the interaction with families; making this a valuable decision making tool for everyone. Detailed photos of surgical patients are shown both before and after reconstruction which helps viewers better understand the process.

This video gets high ratings. And they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. TBS

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