21st Century Complete Medical Guide

21st Century Complete Medical Guide to Breast Diseases, Breast Implants, and Fibrocystic Disease, Gynecomastia, Authoritative NIH and FDA Documents, Clinical References, and Practical Information for Patients and Physicians
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This up-to-date electronic book, on CD-ROM, provides the best collection of official Federal government information and documents available on the subject of cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, breast implants and women's body image and health. This CD-ROM uses next-generation search technology that allows complete indexing and makes all files on the disc fully searchable. For patients, practical information is provided in clearly written patient education documents. For medical professionals, doctor reference tools and texts have detailed technical information and clinical background material.

Apparently this CD ROM is chocked full of information that is equally patient and doctor friendly. TBS

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21st Century Complete Medical Guide