Yoga for the Rest of Us

Yoga for the Rest of Us with Peggy Cappy

Editorial Reviews

You don't need to be thin, young, and a contortionist to do this program, says instructor Peggy Cappy. Yoga for the Rest of Us is a yoga practice for people who might be inflexible, out of shape, or feeling aches and pains. Cappy presents three 20-minute routines that work separately or together. Part 1 is a series of warm-up seated stretches. Part 2 presents standing poses, holding a chair if needed. Part 3 is a flowing series of Sun Salutations, building stamina, and again using a chair if necessary, followed by relaxation. Public television yoga instructor Cappy teaches gently and quietly, accompanied by demonstrators of various ages and conditions. Recommended for people who thought that yoga was beyond them because of age, medical conditions, or fitness level, especially those with functional challenges, such as not being able to bend down or reach for a top shelf., Joan Price

I do yoga and have weekly instruction. I think yoga is a wonderful way of learning about your body and what makes you healthy. However I don't own a TV so I can't review videos. So you're on your own with this one. TBS

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