Safe Estrogen

Safe Estrogen
Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk by 90%
Edward J., Dr Conley, Edward J. Conley



In this new book, Dr. Edward Conley gives women the most up to date information they can use to cut their risk of Breast Cancer by 50-90%. In easy to understand language, he describes the foods, supplements, and laboratory testing a woman must use to protect her breasts from this deadly disease.

Dr. Conley also reviews hormone replacement and reveals the fact that not all estrogen increases breast cancer. There is a type of estrogen, named Estriol, that as been used for years in Europe that does not increase breast cancer risk, yet controls menopausal symptoms.

In this insightful book, Dr. Conley has gathered all the "secrets" a woman needs to reduce her risk of breast cancer even if she has to take estrogen. This book is a must read for women of all ages.

Editorial Reviews

Published in 2003, after HRT usage was linked to increased risk of breast cancer, Safe Estrogen is touted as a must read'.TBS

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Safe Estrogen