Having Faith

Having Faith
An Ecologist's Journey to Motherhood
Sandra Steingraber



As an ecologist, Sandra Steingraber spent her professional life observing how living things interact with their environments. Now, 38 and pregnant, she had become a habitat-for a population of one. Having Faith is Steingraber's exploration of the intimate ecology of motherhood. Using her scientist's eye to study the biological drama of new life being knit from the molecules of air, food, and water flowing into her body, she looks at the environmental hazards that now threaten pregnant and breastfeeding women, and examines the effects these toxins can have on a child. Having Faith makes the metamorphosis of a few cells into a baby astonishingly vivid, and the dangers to human reproduction urgently real.

Editorial Reviews

Although I have not read this book, I have been to a lecture by the author while she was pregnant with both this book and baby Faith. If you have any interests in reading about the safety of breastfeeding your child and the increased toxicity of our communities and how the two are connected, you will get more than your money's worth. TBS

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