Mother's Day 'Race to Empower' Raises Funds for Breast Cancer Support

Mother's Day is just around the corner and Y-ME is once again pleased to announce their 2007 Y-ME race season! Each year volunteers participate in the Y-ME 'Race to Empower' which occurs on Mother's Day. The race was developed to raise funds and support for the Y-ME's services and programs.


Participants have the choice of completing a one or three mile walk, or a five kilometer run. The race is taking place in 12 cities across the United States and you can visit their website to find out if they have a race in your city and to find out information about how you can register for a race in your area. In the last 15 years, Y-ME's Mother's Day Events have successfully raised over $26 million in funds to support their breast cancer services. They want you to join them this year for another great Mother's Day.  


The Y-ME offers a variety of free programs and services to support anyone who has been affected by breast cancer. Some of these programs include a 24 hour National Breast Cancer Hotline with peer counselors who are also breast cancer survivors, a Wig and Prosthesis Bank, a Survivor Match Program to offer support to breast cancer survivors, a Partner Match Program to offer encouragement and hope to partners of breast cancer victims, and informative breast cancer publications. These are just a few of the generous services the Y-ME provides to those touched by breast cancer.


'Walk. Run. Empower'. The 'Race to Empower' has the goal of providing support services to individuals to make sure that nobody has to face breast cancer alone. Hopefully you'll be able to join the many mothers and women who will be participating in the race for an inspiring Mother's day!

Posted by Nobras4UU on January 2,2010 at 12:54 AM

Whether you race or read, breast cancer is serious business. Walking, and running are both good exercises to do to exercise breasts. They need the movement

without bras for good health.

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Posted by bill1879 on December 31,2007 at 5:25 PM

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