Got Bounce!

Did you know that a set of unsupported breasts can bounce up and down at a distance of 14-centemeters during strenuous exercise? Well it's definitely something to ponder during your next jog - especially if you're strapping your sisters into an ordinary bar (which only reduces bounce by about 35%).


Severe bounce can cause permanent damage to your breasts and your surrounding breast tissues. And we all know how an uncomfortable bra can dig into your breasts and back when you exercise. Well a company in the UK has invented a new sports bra dubbed the "Shock Absorber". The bra, now being sold at Victoria Secrets in the UK, claims to reduce bounce by up to 74% because it's not only fitted to a woman's breast cup size, it's also fitted to her back for added support.


You can see the Shock Absorber bra in action via a fun tool called the Bounce-ometer. This virtual chart let's the user choose they're cup size and activity level. It then displays the 3 levels of bounce she experiences – when wearing no bra, when wearing an ordinary bra and if she wore a Shock Absorber bra. Hopefully the Shock Absorber will be available to support North American breasts soon!


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Posted by PRIT on June 2,2009 at 2:18 PM

i love to have those wonderful bras

Posted by Robin on March 13,2007 at 1:33 AM
This is fantastic.  Even the standard sports bras leave me bouncing more than I would like.  I can't wait until they start selling these stateside.
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