Breastfeeding Breaks

Breastfeeding advocate group, the La Leche League, plans to go to bat for working mothers with Senate Bill 167. The bill will be presented at the Capital, and would require businesses to give breastfeeding employees a sufficient amount of time and a private place to either breastfeed their babies or to pump their breast milk.


Mary Ann Kerwin, a member of the Colorado Breastfeeding Task Force, feels that Bill 167 would benefit both working mothers and businesses if mothers could continue to breastfeed after returning to work.  Kerwin points out that working mothers tend to breastfeed less often and for shorter periods of time compared to stay-at-home mothers. Senate Bill 167 would require businesses to allot 2 additional unpaid, 20-minute breaks to working mothers to either breastfeed or pump. Overall, Kerwin says that the breaks would find new mothers missing less scheduled work time to breastfeed, and less time off work because they're babies would be breastfed longer and therefore remain healthier.


"We're just trying to get an accommodation just like they've made for smokers," says Mary Ann Kerwin, a member of the Colorado Breastfeeding Task Force.


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