Tattoo for the Cure - Now Curing

If you recall, back on January 18th I dedicated The Breast Blog topic to a co-worker of mine, named Tamara, who courageously dedicated her time – and skin – to the Pink Ribbon campaign. This rather unique breast cancer fundraiser was hosted by a local Cambridge, Ontario radio station - DAVE FM - who was willing to pay for Tammy to get a pink ribbon tattoo if she raised the $500 (minimum) worth of sponsor donations.


Well on Friday, February 3 the monies were in, and Tammy raised a whopping $1,480 thanks to the support of her friends and co-workers. She is now the proud owner of a pink ribbon tattoo for breast cancer on her hip. In the words of Tammy, "The campaign itself raised over $20,000 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation! The tattoo is done and yes, it hurt like hell, but what kept me going through it was the great cause and fantastic support from everyone!"


For more information on Tattoo for the Cure...with 107.5 DAVE FM click here -

Posted by janebrown on May 21,2008 at 4:58 AM

Many women wear breast cancer tattoos with pride. Actually, I think I'll have a ribbon on my breast. Many people say it will stretch or hurt like hell, yet this article has helped me to make up my mind:  

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