Support is Key to Returning to Work

Research indicates that over 80-percent of employed women with breast cancer go back to work after treatment. These findings were based on a study of 416 working women who were recently diagnosed with breast cancer. After diagnoniss the women were followed up after 12-months and again after 18-months.


Dr. Reynard R. Bouknight, the chief researcher from Michigan State University in East Lansing, points to the fact that 87-pecent of employers had support systems in place to accommodate the treatment needs of ill employees. Bouknight says this proves that "working breast cancer survivors can be helped immensely by employers who are sensitive to their health care needs."


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PS - In next week's blog I'll be updating you on the results of my co-worker Tammy's Tattoo for the Cure Campaign. See the blog from Wednesday, January 18, 2006.

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