One Tree Hill Educates Fans with Music

Fans of the TV show One Tree Hill will be anticipating the upcoming release of a soundtrack of favorite songs featured on the series. The Friends with Benefit soundtrack is set to hit store shelves on February 7, 2006, featuring tunes from popular bands such as Audioslave, Tyler Hilton, Jimmy Eat World, Fall Out Boy, Hot Hot Heat and more.


However, the disc will do more than simply promote the WB Network series, according to One Tree Hill creator and executive producer Mark Schwahn who says, "We have an audience of young girls and women and selfishly, we'd like to keep them alive and healthy for years to come." Therefore, a portion of the proceeds from the Friends with Benefit CD will go to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


Currently One Tree Hill is featuring a storyline that has a popular character's mother battling breast cancer. The storyline and the soundtrack recognize that the vast majority of One Tree Hill fans are undoubtedly young women that may one day be touched by breast cancer. Who says educational programming can't be fun?


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