Tattoo for the Cure

The topic of this week's Breast Blog was inspired by a woman I work with. You see Tammy has always wanted a tattoo, but has never really come across a design that's meant enough to her to have it inked permanently onto her body till the end of time. That was until Tammy heard about the Pink Ribbon campaign, being hosted by a local Cambridge, Ontario radio station - DAVE FM. You see the radio station was willing to pay for any listener to get a pink ribbon tattoo if they are able to raise the minimum $500 worth of donations.

In the words of my friend Tammy "As soon as I heard the idea I knew this was the tattoo I wanted because it's not "just for me" anymore.  It's a much more important cause. I don't know too many people that haven't been affected by it [breast cancer] in some way or another."

This Breast Blog is dedicated to the individuals like Tammy who make a big difference in the fight against breast cancer with small steps. It can be simply by hosting a car wash, a bake sale or even by getting a pink ribbon tattoo for the cause. Every little bit helps.

Thank you,

From The Breast Site

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