Commit to Breast Health in 2006!

Ringing in the New Year means champagne toasts, spontaneous kisses at midnight and frivolous dinning for most of us. However, January 1st is the extreme opposite, when we awake and face honoring those dreaded New Years resolutions.


The most typical resolutions for the New Year consist of our commitment to eat healthier, lose weight and quit smoking, but for woman all of these resolutions have one vital thing in common – they're all key ways to reduce the chances of breast cancer and other forms of cancer.


In celebration of the New Year, the American Cancer Society has released their annual list of resolutions 'Tips on how to be Healthier in 2006!' 


And what do you imagine tops their list:


1)      Quitting smoking

2)      Committing to a more active lifestyle

3)      Maintaining a health weight

4)      Limiting alcoholic consumption

5)      Eating a healthy diet

6)      Scheduling regular cancer screenings


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