New Breast Pap Test Detects Cancer Earlier

If you're a woman then you probably feel a familiar sense of dread creeping up on you when you book a pap test with your doctor every other year. However you're well aware of its importance to your health.


Pap tests have helped to detect cases of cervical abnormalities in many women and have helped to reduce the overall death associated with cervical cancer by over 70 percent since being introduced in the 1950s. A new pap test for breasts is now available for detecting breast cancer. The Halo Pap Test can help doctors detect breast cancer up to 8 years earlier than a mammogram. The breast pap works similarly to the cervical pap with a doctor taking a fluid sample from the breast duct and testing it for any abnormal cells. The Halo Pap Test is currently available in the U.S. Patients who have undergone testing claim that the test is painless and non-intrusive - compared to a mammogram.


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