Garlic – Causes More Than Bad Breath!

Keeping with Halloween superstitions, many of us might have hung a few bulbs of garlic near our thresholds last night to ward off blood-thirsty vampires and other evil spirits. However, scientists now believe that garlic may be beneficial in warding off evil carcinogens in our foods.


Recent findings by the American Association for Cancer Research show that while this most offensive herb may damage our luck with the opposite sex; it may actually stop the production of PhIP, a suspected carcinogen produced by protein-rich foods – such as meat and eggs – when cooked at high temperatures. In the past, evidence has shown that breast cancer occurrence is higher among women who consume high quantities of meat in their diets. Although, diets high in bad fats and empty calories have also been blamed for increasing a woman's risk of breast cancer.


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Posted by Swan on May 4,2008 at 1:40 PM

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