Remember your Breasts

In the midst of chaotic daily life, it's easy for a woman to overlook her health. However, the fact that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in a lifetime isn't something that should be ignored. Early detection can greatly increase the chance that you'll discover breast cancer early when it's most treatable.


Monthly breast self-examinations and yearly mammograms (if you're over the age of 40) are vital to breast health. Still, most women are unsure when and how to perform breast self-exams. The best time to examine your breasts is approximately one week after your stop menstruating - when your breasts are no longer experiencing any tenderness.  If your cycle is irregular perform your breast self-exam on the same day each month – regardless of if you're menstruating or not. 


The best way to remember breast self-exams is with the help of modern technology. A variety of breast health organizations now offer monthly reminders via email. It's easy to register online. Simply type "breast self-exam reminder" into your search engine and a variety of health organizations that offer the service will appear. Most will ask you to fill out an electronic form with your name, email address and the date you want to perform your breast self-exam. Breast self-exam reminders are generally a free service. Many will send you a monthly self-exam reminder, an annual mammogram reminder, or both on the day of your choosing. 


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