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Longest bra chain to raise cash for cancer

According to a Reuters story, British women on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus plan to make the world's longest chain of bras to heighten breast cancer awareness and raise funds for research.

They are looking for 90,000 bras.

That's quite a lot of 'lift and separate'.

And here I thought Cyprus was a small island. Maybe only bra clad women live there.

Then I found this creative soul. I wonder if she's planning an excursion to Cyprus. Tit Tote .

According to the description on the website, Tit Tote is " a handbag made from a bra, a completely unique and entirely hand-crafted item that is as much a portable work of art as it is a spunky, sassy, and slightly naughty way to keep all your girly essentials close."

Wonders never cease.

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