The Breast Blog: A few Apples a Day

There's a university in my city called The University of Guelph. It's helped to turn the town into a big agriculture centre that supports a number of agri-food research labs. This story, from one of the labs, popped up in todays news alerts.

Red delicious, Northern Spy apples have most antioxidants, chemists find

"Some apples might do a better job of keeping the doctor away than others, according to Canadian researchers who analyzed eight popular varieties of the fruit. Red Delicious, Northern Spy and Ida Red, they say, pack a greater wallop of disease-fighting antioxidants than other apples studied. "

The story goes on to outline several diseases that may benefit from this research....the prevention of breast cancer being one of them.

So far, they are in the rat stage. But given the saying, 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' has been around for a while, perhaps, chomping down right now will do no harm.

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