The Breast Blog: National Women's Health Week

In celebration of National Women's Health Week here are the top ten questions women should ask their health care provider before, during and after menopause:

1. Based on my medical history, am I at greater risk of heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, depression, diabetes and/or breast cancer? How can I reduce my risks?

2. Should I get a bone density screening? When and how often?

3. Should I be screened for colon cancer? At what age and how often?

4. How often should I get a mammogram? Pap smear?

5. How can I screen for heart disease?

6. I know that there are lots of conditions that lead to depression. Should I be screened for depression? What treatments are available?

7. Given the latest research, am I a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy? Am I a good candidate for alternatives to hormone replacement therapy? What are the risks and benefits?

8. What screenings are available for diabetes?

9. What vitamins or herbal remedies might be helpful to me?

10. What lifestyle changes do you recommend based on my risk profile?

From: Healthy Women for a Lifetime

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