The Breast Blog: 4th World Conference on Breast Cancer

The 4th World Conference on Breast Cancer will take place June 8-12, 2005 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Close to 800 delegates and presenters are expected to attend from countries including Australia and New Zealand, Norway, Peru, China, Cameroon, Cuba, Yugoslavia, Russia, France, Colombia, Malaysia, and India. First and foremost, the World Conference on Breast Cancer serves women with breast cancer - those most affected by the disease - and the friends, family and community networks that support them. The conference theme will be Community, Culture and Connection.

The World Conference on Breast Cancer, held every three years, is dedicated to providing an international and multi-disciplinary forum to ensure that the voices of everyone affected by breast cancer will be heard. In this way, international knowledge is shared and enriched from a number of perspectives that broaden expertise, deepen sensitivity and respect and accelerate progress in confronting breast cancer.

Nobel Peace Prize group nominee Annie Sasco, of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, French National Institute of Health and Medical Research, will provide a world overview on breast cancer geography and trends and cancer prevention opportunities from an international perspective. Linda Burhansstipanov (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma) of Native American Cancer Research will present lessons learned from Native American breast cancer survivors on moving from patient to survivor to thriver. Alex Jadad of the Centre for Global E-Health, University Health Network, University of Toronto, Canada, will discuss emerging communication technologies used in patient education and the advancement of global action related to breast cancer.

Valerie Hepburn, President, World Conference on Breast Cancer Foundation, explains, "The World Conference on Breast Cancer Foundation recognizes the essential role of women in creating individual, family, community, and economic health around the world. The World Conference on Breast Cancer Foundation believes that it has a responsibility to engage equitably all who would benefit from speaking and hearing about breast cancer, especially those who are faced with barriers of distance and resources." She adds, "The World Conference on Breast Cancer creates a safe place where women of the world can share their breast cancer experiences, be understood, cared for and supported."

Breast of Canada 2006 will be at the conference.

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